Motor Insurance



Your company vehicle is one of your key assets, literally driving your business. It is, however, constantly exposed to risks such as road hazards and liabilities. Shield it from accidental damage and high repair costs with an all-rounded motor insurance policy.

With a motor insurance plan in place, you can choose to send your company vehicle to any workshop, including the sole agent’s workshop, for accident repairs. Replacement of your vehicle’s lock and keys is covered, if they are damaged during a break-in or robbery. In the event of an accident, it also safeguards you against legal liabilities, such as third-party liability for death or injuries and property damage.

Outlined here are plans that offer comprehensive motor insurance coverage. Each offers a wide scope of protection with competitive prices. You can enjoy lower premiums if you purchase insurance for additional company vehicles. Claims service is swift and efficient, leaving minimum disruption to your business operations.

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