Travel Insurance



Businesses are increasingly expanding their operations overseas. Consequently, the need for business travel is on the rise. Against the backdrop of global terrorist actions and unexpected natural disasters, it is essential for corporations to secure travel insurance for their employees.

With the right travel insurance, employees on business trips will be protected against unforeseen events, such as terrorist attacks, natural disasters, accidents, and loss of belongings. They are covered for overseas medical benefits, which includes hospitalization and treatment fees incurred due to accident or sickness. Personal Accident benefits, which compensates employees in the event of death or permanent disability, constitute another major aspect of the coverage. Travel inconvenience benefits, such as trip cancellation, flight delays, and loss or damage of luggage, are also included.

Featured here is a range of plans offered by our trusted insurance partners. Each one has different levels of cover, distinguished by the benefits, country of visit, and duration of trip. Finding a plan tailored to your business’ needs will be a breeze.

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